Our Services

Dry Cleaning

We have the state of the art equipment. Our solvent is continually distilled during each cleaning cycle. Our Dry Cleaning solvent is totally Environment friendly. It has Silicone based composition, similar to common hygienic products such as Hair Shampoo and Body De-odorants. Our Dry cleaned clothes look brighter, feel softer and are completely odorless.

Wet Cleaning

Dry cleaning is less effective for removing water soluble soils and stains. For those garments, Wet Cleaning is a better alternative. Stains and soils are pre-spotted using special detergents and chemicals. Garments are then cleaned using small amount of water and specially formulated detergents, additives and finishers. The whole Wet Cleaning operation is precisely controlled and monitored by the computer: such as amount of water, injection of cleaning agents and their sequence, temperature control, mechanical agitation, extraction speed; something a home washer and off-the-shelf detergents can’t accomplish. Next, garments are pressed using sophisticated tensioning equipments.

Laundered Shirts

We follow the care label when laundering the Dress shirts. Each shirt is inspected and pre-spotted for Ink, Food, or blood stains. The Cuffs and collars are scrubbed using penetrating detergents. Loads are laundered in 4 separate batches using specialized detergents, additives, and finishers: No starch, Lite, Medium, or Heavy Starch.

Repairs and Alterations

Our experienced seamstress provides expert alterations to many Dry Cleaners in the area. His pick up and alterations schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. We can do minor repairs by next day. For specialized alterations, such as, Wedding gowns, on site fitting sessions can be arranged with our seamstress.

Household Items

We have the extra large capacity equipments to clean most household items: Comforters, quilts, blankets, draperies, linens, kitchen wares, etc.

Fluff and Fold

We provide Fluff and Fold services for your regular laundry clothes.

Wedding Gowns

We do clean wedding gowns and formal gowns on premise. Forpreservation work, we send the wedding gowns to a highlyspecialized shop. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for preservation ofthe wedding gowns. The preservation gowns are expertlycleaned and stored in an acid free box. The air is removed fromthe box by vacuum, thus slowing the natural aging processassociated with white and lite colors of the gown.

Leather / Suede / Area Rugs

Leather and Suede require highly specialized and intricate cleaning process. Typically, most Dry Cleaners collect the Leather and Suede garments form their customers, and send out to a specialist for expert cleaning and finishing. Our Leather and Rug cleaning specialist has pick up and delivery schedule every Thursday morning.

Commercial Services

We are fully equipped to perform all laundry and dry cleaning services on premise at Action Cleaners. Please call us at (714)-491-3938 to set up a commercial account.

Pick up and delivery

We offer FREE pickup and delivery to your residence or work place / office.